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List Windows Groups in a SharePoint site and convert to DirectoryEntry


On a Claims enabled site I needed to get a Windows DirectoryEntry object for each group and list its members

Using the LDAP Sid syntax and the ADSI operator allows for a quick lookup to AD


$web=get-spweb http://flxdev2010:25555/sitecol1/sub6/Test3

# Get User List

$Users=$web.RoleAssignments  | % { $_.Member.Users }

# Filter to get only windows groups – return Sid’s

$WindowsGroups= $Users | ? { $_.IsDomainGroup -eq $true
        -and $ClaimMan.DecodeClaim($_.UserLogin).OriginalIssuer -eq "Windows"}  | % { $ClaimMan.DecodeClaim($_.UserLogin).Value }

# RAW Sids here

# DirectoryEntry list here
$GroupEntries=$WindowsGroups | % { [ADSI]"LDAP://<SID=$($_)>"  }

# List members of group
$GroupEntries | % { $_.Properties["member"] }

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