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Fix: Azure Dev Environment not starting


So we have a development VM thats pretty fully loaded with software, Sharepoint 2010, Project Server 2010 and CRM 2011.

For some reason the First Azure project on this machine refused to deploy to the local development App Fabric. The deployment hung and never completed.

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Nothing was posted in the event logs but there were items in the VS output screen about failing to write to the logs. Nice.


A search for those files found lots of Azure log folders in %localappdata%\dftmp


In DFAgentLogs and the DFAgent.log file I found this

[2011/10/13, 10:46:12.145,  INFO, 00011572] There is already a listener on IP endpoint  Make sure that you are not trying to use this endpoint multiple times in your application and that there are no other applications listening on this endpoint.
[2011/10/13, 10:46:12.639,  INFO, 00011572]    at System.ServiceModel.Channels.SocketConnectionListener.Listen()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.BufferedConnectionListener.Listen()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.ExclusiveTcpTransportManager.OnOpen()
   at System.ServiceModel.Channels.TransportManager.Open..


Now we’re getting somewhere, the App Fabric Development Agent is trying to listen on port 808 and failing as another process has this port in use

A netstat –ano command shows the process id that is listening on that port


The Tasklist command tasklist /fi “PID eq 11400” shows that an exe call SMSVCHost.exe is listening on port 808


Thats the Net.TCP Port Sharing service. So the port sharing service is stopping a port being used. Marvellous.


I’m not sure which of the installed software set that service to automatically start.

After stopping the service and restarting the Development Fabric the deployment succeeded.

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Great post! I've been looking into this all day. Nearly, nearly sorted it myself - I'd gotten to the netstat part, but hadn't resolved the process ID. Good job!

I am still facing this problem . . pls help me..

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